Gold Investment Guide

Saving for the future is something that we should all be trying to achieve, no matter our age and situation, because you never know what is around the corner and it always pays to have a nice little nest egg tucked away for retirement. Once upon a time a simple savings account and IRA was an adequate means for creating a retirement fund but now many experts are recommending that we turn to gold and precious metal IRAs as a more profitable alternative.

Why Investing in Gold IRAs Are A Good Idea?

The world’s economy is in dire straights right now and the standard methods of investing in our futures, such as basic retirement funds and Cash IRAs, are no longer the best and most viable options. The dollar has fallen to such depths and America is in such debt that traditional savings and reliance on this currency does not offer the financial security it once did. Gold may be seen as an old-fashioned commodity that everyday people cannot really get hold of but it could be the future for stable investments and nest eggs because the worse things get with the dollar and economic insecurity, the higher the value of gold. As the current situation seems to be showing little sign of recovery, it therefore makes sense to turn to gold and Gold IRAs as an alternative for retirement.

What Is A Gold IRA?

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The time has never been better to start taking advantage of the rise in gold and the best way to do this is by opening up a specialised Gold IRA. These options are not all that different from your regular, cash retirement fund, the only difference is that they primarily deal with gold and other precious metals. There is an understandable assumption that a Gold IRA is for the very rich and that it only holds physical gold pieces but the options are actually a lot more varied and accessible. The gold can be a selection of objects from American Eagle coins to bars and rounds but there is nothing to stop you including non-physical versions such as stocks and shares and there is also the option of including silver, platinum and palladium. Platinum is more limited than silver and palladium is generally restricted to just bars and rounds but it is worth checking online for exact rules and the fine print of the IRA you wish to open because there are changes and new regulations being implemented all the time.

As you can see, a Gold IRA is not the specialist option you may think it is and they really are open to anybody that wishes to make use of them. In addition to this acceptance, there is also a surprising amount of simplicity in setting one up and getting your assets transferred to a reliable fund. The main things to remember are to find a company that you can rely on – both with setting up the IRA and dealing with the gold – and that you are fully aware of the potential and limitations to using gold as your new retirement fund.

How To Start Your Own Gold IRA?

If you decide that switching to a Gold IRA or adding one to your existing portfolio is a good idea, you should get in contact with a reliable provider to discuss your options and consider the benefits of either transferring your IRA or rolling it over. A transfer does pretty much what you would expect and lets you move your assets from your current custodian to you new one – one that specifically deals in precious metals – and can be carried out at any time. Rolling it over is less direct and you have to act as the middle man in the arrangement before passing the deposit onto the new plan but there is a 60-day time period.

Going through these two options does make it sound incredibly easy to set up your account and transfer your funds, and for the most part it really is that quick and simple; having said this, there are some considerations that you should bear in mind about fees, costs and legal issues before you dive into the idea of starting up your first IRA.

GoldThe first is the issue of appointing trustworthy custodians and dealers because they are a necessity when it comes to buying and moving the gold within the appropriate regulations and complying to IRS standards. Secondly, there is the issue of the fees and rates to pay on starting up and transferring your assets to this new IRA. This will obviously vary depending on the specific product, individual regulations and the amount being transferred, and there is a chance that it will be of no concern at all with a high enough transfer, but you do not want to be stung with unexpected costs. Finally, and most importantly if you are keen to get hold of your investment, there is a age restriction that stops IRA users physically getting hold of their deposit before their retirement.

To summarize, the concept of opening up a Gold IRA and putting your faith in a new type of nest egg may be daunting, particularly if you are new to the idea of using gold as an asset; however, as this guide shows, the process can be simple and there can be a lot of benefits in turning towards gold. Gold coins, stocks and other types of precious metals can provide a valuable lifeline in this failing economy and a Gold IRA is a simple way of reassessing the situation and letting professional dealers and custodians get you back on the right path to a trustworthy retirement fund. Where you go and how you do it is ultimately up to you but as long as you take the time to consider all the options, limitations and catches, you should find a product that suits your needs and sets your mind at ease.