Best Gold IRA Companies

Investing in gold and other precious metals is a wise choice in the current economic climate but it is an action that takes a lot of consideration and careful research. It is impossible to go it alone, buy physical metals and keep them stored at your home; instead a professional broker and custodian are required as a third party to receive instructions on what to buy and ensure it is kept in a secure and legal fund. There are plenty of companies after your business so how do we ensure we are making the right choice? The following guide is designed to help you understand the importance of this decision and highlight crucial characteristics in reputable companies.

Choosing a Gold IRA Company is Easier When You Know What to Look For

This search to find a trustworthy custodian to handle your Gold IRA is a necessity but the task should not be underestimated because there are some companies out there that should be avoided. Is it important that we choose the correct company to deal with our Gold IRA; the right one can offer security via a simple process and a range of investment options, the wrong one could push you in a negative direction and leave you with unwanted fees and a thin portfolio. The most important thing to rememeber is that you can never carry out too much research when choosing a company because this is an important relationship that will hopefully last a long time. Online reviews from comparison websites and current clients are a great source of information and opinions on what businesses are really like behind the sales pitches, and you should always ask the right questions.

Which is the better response when you ask “is gold or silver the most worthwhile investment right now?”; a confident, friendly speech citing up-to-date trends and interesting options or a pushy salesman simply shrugging and saying “well…gold has never failed us before!”. A single-minded, sales focused team without their own storage facility is a bad choice while an experienced, highly-rated broker with an high awareness of the value of metal is a great choice. The ideal Gold IRA company and custodian has to be knowledgeable about current trends, IRS rules and trading options in a range of metals as well as being trustworthy. Ideally the company will be BBB accredited and keen to proudly display this fact and their rating on their website: no grade no sale. If a professional cannot advise you on tax laws, palladium restrictions and the current status of silver then it might be worth looking elsewhere.

This is not the place for individual endorsements of certain companies but rather a chance to encourage anyone interested in an IRA to do their own diligent research and find a company that they personally feels ticks all the rights boxes and that they will be comfortable dealing with. Choosing a Gold IRA company can take time but following the steps above is crucial if you want to form a reliable, long-term relationship and not just another savings fund.

1. Regal Assets

Perhaps one of the largest and best rated gold ira company is Regal Assets. Known world-wide and a online leader this is one company you can trust. They even offer a 7-day delivery guarantee.

  • A + Rating with the BBB
  • AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance
  • 5 Star rating with TrustLink
  • 99.9% Customer service satisfaction rating
  • Rated #20 in the US for Financial Services by Inc. Magazine